Web Browsers & Password Managers: January 2023 ed.

Web Browsers & Password Managers: January 2023 ed.

Welcome to NFTsmart January 2023!

Each month we bring you information, tips, and news to help keep you, your information and your cryptocurrency safe online.

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It's January, and yes, the header image is holiday-themed! Why, you ask? To make a point! The Blonde Bad Wolf online security theme for January is:

Cyber criminals are ALWAYS watching

So - don't get comfortable because the calendar ticked over and life is (somewhat) back to normal. Criminals are crafty... they know when we let our guard down.

Online Security: let's take a look at DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo is one of the options out there to help us stay safe. Check out their web browser, email protection, email addresses and more. Also - check the "In the News" section (below) for a link to BitWarden password manager, compatible with DuckDuckGo. As always: do your research, ask people you trust, and thoroughly look into options like DuckDuckGo - most importantly how they make money if the browser is free. DuckDuckGo is very open about this - check it out here!

DuckDuckGo Email Addresses & Email Protection Beta: Companies embed trackers in email messages in very sneaky ways. Trackers in your email's images and links can tell a company (1) if you have opened a message (2) where you were when you opened it (3) the device you were using when you opened it, and SO MUCH MORE. DuckDuckGo's "closed Email Protection beta" found that approximately 85% of participants’ emails included hidden email trackers! This information can be used to build a profile about you AND your online habits. To really understand the impact of these sneaky data collection methods, check out the link below. ⬇️
Protect Your Inbox: DuckDuckGo Email Protection Beta Now Open to All!
The DuckDuckGo Email Protection beta is now open for all. It’s a free email forwarding service that removes multiple types of hidden email trackers and lets you create unlimited unique private email addresses on the fly – without switching email providers or apps.

⭐️ In the News ⭐️

Cyber criminals are always watching!

Password Managers: this time it's LastPass ⬇️
Yes, It’s Time to Ditch LastPass
The password manager’s most recent data breach is so concerning, users need to take immediate steps to protect themselves.
Bitwarden: a LastPass alternative that works with DuckDuckGo ⬇️
Bitwarden Open Source Password Manager | Bitwarden
Bitwarden is an integrated open source password management solution for individuals, teams, and business organizations
Meta's VR headset tracks your eyeballs for targeted ads - see article below ⬇️
10 Tech Gifts With Hidden Privacy Problems
You might be inadvertently filling up the stockings of tech companies with personal information.
Google pays nearly $392 million to settle sweeping location-tracking case -- "Location data, often obtained by law enforcement in criminal investigations to identify suspects, is an important part of Google's advertising business. State investigators called it 'the most sensitive and valuable personal information Google collects,' noting that it helps target people with ads based on their vicinity." - Quoted from story below ⬇️
Google pays nearly $392 million to settle sweeping location-tracking case
“Google has prioritized profit over their users’ privacy,” said Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum of Oregon, one of 40 states to bring the case. “They have been crafty and deceptive.”

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